Does this come with the game, cover?
No. It's just custom booklets and manuals, the games/ case is just to show you the size comparison, fitting in the case etc. Would be much more expensive if it included the game :p
Tracking issue? Postage costs.

So there are two types of postage when checking out.

The standard cheaper postage (default) is just a proof of postage and is non tracked.

The more expensive express postage should be trackable and also get there hopefully a lil quicker as well, I believe you can apply this during the checkout section.

Postage costs may vary occasionally to fit the costs of the mail service.

Can I merge orders?

Yes that should be possible, but you'll have to message me about it sooner than later. I work down the order list and would make multiple packages for the same person because I focus on one order at a time.

If you let me know I can merge them to save postage costs, meaning I'll refund one or discount coupon for next order etc. to negate the postage so you only pay it once.

These are too expensive...

I'm sorry about that, I'm not a company so these aren't the cheapest to make to the finish and quality I'd like to give you, as well as page count having an effect, more pages, more expensive to print.

If you want cheaper I occasionally have misprinted / 3rd class booklets (being some form of damage from a tear, fold, hole, etc) which are stamped accordingly and picked at random, that I wouldn't sell normally. You can message me if you'd like one of them and can sort it out so it's cheaper than the normal ones I'd sell.

I'd suggest though the proper priced booklets for a complete look and feel without any major issues.

On this site they are the cheapest you'll find elsewhere as there are no additional fee's for the respective platforms.

I also have discounts being applied for shipping on multiple items over a certain price. For people with an account, reward points can be used to lower the price as well.

Next booklet? This one maybe?

I'll happily let you know which one is in the works, or you can check up on Twitter/Instagram as I'll post about it, or let you decide between a few I'm thinking of.

I also have a list of suggestions from you guys I keep, so always feel free to let me know, if I don't have it I can add it to the list for the future :)

This can be found on the Trello board here: Booklets Public | Trello

I'll try to get through them all eventually :D

Whats the difference between a Manual and a Booklet?

There are a few differences between these.

- This is more of the classic setup from the early days up until manuals were sadly not produced anymore. These cover controls, have note pages, other information which would be useful for the game.

- These are more checklist, progression styled, they'll help keep progression in a physical and visual way. They could also be more art like and share some tips.

I will say especially for some bigger Manuals, they will have booklet qualities added, but be considered more of a manual as there is more information provided, if it is a booklet, expect there to not be information like controls included.

If unsure, I'd say to check the videos or screenshots as well, or message me :)

Pre-order Items


If you make an order with a pre-order item either on its own or attached to other items, it will not ship until the pre-order item is released. this could be from weeks to a month or more waiting while the pre-order item is finalised and printed ready for shipping.


A pre-order item has an estimate shipping date, but can be changed to be earlier / later as possible delays could be introduced during printing etc. Normally these unforeseen delays only add on a week or so to the release of the Manual / Booklet.

Not able to buy if you're from Germany

I apologise in advance for this, but it is something out of my control.

Currently, for those in Germany, they have recently required a LUCID number to be added in places on the packaging (German Packaging Act) from July 1st 2022. I was informed of this from Etsy and was able to get that sorted reasonably well, so you can still purchase my items through Etsy.

For this website I use the Royal Mail Click & Drop, this hasn't been updated to add this ID needed for the packaging, and speaking to them it isn't a priority of theirs to look into.

I'm very disheartened by their views on this and how they've treated it as well are you I'm sure. I don't know when it'll be updated to have this in place. For now though I've not allowed Germany to purchase items as I don't wish to have a penalty charged against me for not having it.

This does mean you'll be missing out on Pre-orders, Reward points, and other bits and bobs I may do for the future until this is able to be resolved, I'm so sorry about this and hope it isn't for long.

I'll have updates on twitter and on here if things change in the future.