The Beginning, The Idea.

I dabbled on the idea from 2018 when I had Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, realising I love the games but the physical packages were really starting to lack in quality compared to earlier eras such as the GameCube and Nintendo 64.

In my free time I made a lil booklet at home, not well made overall for Super Mario Odyssey, people were interested in it so made about 5 for them but then stopped because I wanted to make it better in the future. I got really busy work wise and my HDD died losing all the work I already did, so I went off the project.

The Start of Something, 2020

Covid hit, and in 2020 during the first lockdown, I decided to relook into this, see what was out there for my collection, and to my surprise there was nothing for the Nintendo Switch or other current generation consoles.

So my idea was to make Breath of the Wild alongside remaking the Super Mario Odyssey Manual for me really at home, something to do, and look into a better method of design and printing so it could mimic the physical experience of your games from years ago, I aimed to create and print them as professionally as I could, something that would look some-what official if one existed but completely unofficial.

Once they were made I went to share them on facebook as was chuffed to bits on how they turned out. Others seemed to really like them and wanted one for themselves, I was quite stunned and awed by the response from people, so I aimed to look into it and well, opened MBPUK on Etsy, setting it up for those interested in having one for themselves.

It expanded from there with making more, people sharing and the support from the community.

Thank you for making this journey amazing so far and hope to continue into the future with you all!